Managing Up and Across

Managing Up is as important as managing your team. Positive relationships with your bosses and clients will help you and help your team build its success.

The Session:

Are your working relationships with your boss, peers and clients everything they could be? Are you able to get the best results and be engaged in how you work with these people?

Whether it is our boss, or a key client, or your teammate, creating successful relationships with them depends on how we manage ourselves, our perceptions and our interactions with these individuals.

Using specific techniques, you can change the tenor of your relationships so that you can successfully interact with their work and communication styles for the benefit of the team and the company.

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Discovered how to see things from your boss’ perspective.
  • Challenged yourself to think about what you may need to do (or stop doing) to make the relationship a successful one.
  • Learned how to build strong communication channels, shape effective messages and positively influence

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