Managing A Remote Team

It is easy to assume that our fundamental needs as team members remains the same when we go virtual – after all, your responsibilities and deliverables don’t change much. Yet, what the research finds is that virtual teams do have different needs. How you, as a Team Leader, create a shared sense of context, understanding and accountability is critical to the Team’s ability to deliver on key results.

This session will help you understand the key actions and conversations that need to happen in order for your remote team to remain engaged, productive and resilient.

managing a remote workforce
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How To Innovate

In a world where technology exponentially impacts the pace in which we work and live, it seems that innovation is the “magic” potion everyone is searching for. Here’s the thing though…innovation is not magic, and it’s not a hidden talent only available to the inspired few. Innovation is a skill we all can develop with practice and a process we can embrace.

Aleman & Associates can teach you how to innovate as the leader of a team with the simple concept that innovation is a result of great execution, not just a great idea. Learn more about our innovation workshop for small to medium-sized companies!

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Building Agile Leaders

Agile leaders galvanize, mobilize and create breakthrough results. 

How do they do it? 

In our work with great agile leaders, we find they are constantly learning and are never satisfied with the status quo. What they do well is focus and amplify their strengths through their teams. They figure out which blind spots are obstacles to their goals and need to be addressed.  Great leaders grow and continue to realize their potential by being alert, agile and adaptable, pivoting to directly conquering the challenges facing them.

Our labs fuel discovery, growth, and achievement across all levels of the organization.  The key is real-life scenarios and practice, practice, practice in a high-energy thought-provoking environment, which Aleman & Associates provides to executive-level employees.

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With unwavering integrity, transparency and focus on results, we believe in creating a safe growth path that helps you create your definition of success.  We value and inject innovation, flexibility and expertise into our client partnerships that complement their strengths.

Our Insights blog spotlights the key learnings from the vast available research on key topics, from our clients’ experiences and from our daily experiments to see what really works vs. what is just wishful thinking.


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