Career & Personal Development Series

personal development workshopWhat is your vision for yourself?

For your career?

Are you on the right path to make it a reality? Are you being effective and efficient? How are you making an impact in your organization? Is it the impact you want to make? Are you leveraging your strengths?

These are some of the questions we help you explore in our Career and Personal Development Workshop Series. These workshops are designed to be highly interactive and help you attain the skills you need to help you make your vision a reality.

You are the Driver

Figuring out the “next step” in our careers is not easy — especially if we are not looking where we are going. Still, there are specific steps to consider, even if you don’t know where your career path may be leading you, to make the journey a rewarding one.

Standing Strong

“Quiet, shy, pushover” — not the adjectives we like to hear. Neither are “loud, pushy, aggressive.” Finding a balance between these two extremes enables you to speak up when the opportunity is right, to champion great ideas in front of a tough audience and get things done while commanding respect.

Turbocharge Your Productivity and Value

Getting those challenging assignments and moving up into management doesn’t just happen. Just because you want more doesn’t mean you are going to get it. What it means is that you have to prove that you are ready for it and ensure the right people know it!

Getting the RIGHT Work Done

Do you feel trapped in a time-bind, unable to get to — much less complete — your most important work? Time to come up for a breather!

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