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Research tells us that cognitive diversity makes a group smarter. Two heads are, indeed, better than one, and many heads are even better, especially when everyone is willing to share their expertise and opinions.

How are you maximizing your organization’s cognitive diversity?

With decades of experience driving our team’s insights, we partner with our clients to create customized solutions that support their mission and business objectives while achieving a high performance culture and maximizing cognitive diversity.

Business & Leadership Vision & Planning

  • Macro business trend analysis, organizational impact & future leadership requirements
  • Facilitate the creation of a vision for the organization and/or department’s future mission.
  • Analyze the department’s current state and help establish direction for the future.

Change Management

  • Define, plan and execute strategic organizational change, from both people and systems perspectives.
  • Align the department’s or team’s initiatives with the organization’s vision and mission.

Performance Management

  • Design and train leaders on performance management strategies and processes, focusing on ways to handle performance challenges, setting clear expectations, and creating development plans.
  • Provide performance-based training and/or coaching to maximize contributions to the department.
  • Perform “gap analyses” by identifying current skills/abilities and future needs.
  • Develop strategies to close performance gaps.

Leadership and Talent Development

  • Coach individuals to improve their abilities to lead and manage.
  • Instill the value of innovative leadership within the department.
  • Introduce conflict resolution skills to help leaders maximize cognitive diversity.
  • Consistent development experiences to equip individuals at all levels with necessary capabilities and experiences to continue to progress.

Organizational Culture

  • Improve communication channels within and across departments to increase effective teamwork while building trust and respect.
  • Identify core values and establish group norms.
  • Counsel individuals regarding successful and effective professional behaviors.
  • Assess personal work styles and provide coaching on how to integrate all styles for a positive and productive work environment.

Succession Planning

  • An annual cycle including a review of current candidates and identification of new and emerging talent needed to achieve business goals.

What will help your organization maximize its Cognitive Diversity?

Reach out for a consultation to help you map it. 

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