Leadership and Management Series

What is the difference between an extraordinary leader and one who just has a leadership title? How can a manager motivate, get results, and drive his/her team to success?

Communication, Strategic Thinking, Engagement, Team Leadership. These are just some of the concepts we explore in our Leadership and Management Workshop Series. They are designed to be highly interactive and help you attain the skills you need to help you thrive and leap forward in your role.


Developing Leaders

We can improve our impact as leaders by understanding how our leadership style affects others and how we can leverage it to engage our staff and use it to make better decisions.

A Manager’s World

What does it mean to be a manager? What does my staff expect? What does my boss expect? Having a clear answer on these questions establishes a strong foundation for being a successful manager.

You’re the Boss!

OK – You worked really hard to get the promotion. You deserve it – now what? Often new managers get trapped in their own history and miss the opportunity to move forward and be successful in their new roles. Learning to let go, trusting in your new team and re-defining what it means to be successful can help you and the team benefit from your new role.

High Points

Your team has always been a good one – now it’s the time to make it great! Having been a manager for a while, you know how to deal with the “low points” of business life’s rollercoaster. Let’s spend more time at the “high points.”

The Big Picture

How to be seen as a real strategic asset? A real player rather than the new kid at the management table? In order to evolve from a junior manager to one with more senior standing, we need to change how we make decisions as we move up in the organization.

Great Feedback

We can’t control others – they are not puppets nor are we master puppeteers. What we can be is candid and timely with our feedback. Research shows that feedback is the ultimate tool in helping others make impactful long-term behavioral changes. Why not use it?

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