Conflict – There’s more in it than the “bad”

Conflict doesn’t have to be all bad – it can re-energize a relationship and challenge us to breakthrough into new thinking paths.

The Session:

You know you’re right and you’re determined to stand your ground, and the other person just doesn’t get it. What if neither of you budge? What happens? Does the idea wither and die? Does it get warped? Does it become and inter-stellar battle that leaves you bruised and angry? Is that really necessary? Does it have to end badly?

Our definition of winning affects how we approach conflict situations. When we understand what happens in these situations we can better manage ourselves to create a “real win” for all. Even when the other person – just doesn’t “get it”.

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Identified and understood your own conflict behavior
  • Learned about the The 4 Cs: competence, credibility, care, communication
  • Understood how to generate and implement goal-oriented alternatives
  • Discovered a 2-step process for handling passive and aggressive behaviors

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