You’re the Boss

OK – You worked really hard to get the promotion. You deserve it – now what? Often, new managers get trapped in their own history and miss the opportunity to move forward and be successful in their new roles. Learning to let go, trusting in your new team and re-defining what it means to be successful can help you and the team benefit from your new role.

The Session:

You have a new title, yet things don’t seem to have changed much–or they have completely changed and your head is spinning! As new managers, we need to adopt a new paradigm. It is no longer about just doing the work, it’s also about enabling our teams to do the work.

Aleman & Associates is here to make your life as a manager easy.

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Learned about how to successfully set expectations
  • Understood the various levels of “managing a team”
  • Reflected on how to build engagement with your team
  • Identified your key priorities as a new manager

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