The Big Picture

Are you looking at the big picture? Learn how to make yourself an asset and turn yourself into a real player rather than the new kid at the management table. In order to evolve from a junior manager to one with more senior standing, we need to change how we make decisions as we move up in the organization. Aleman & Associates helps newer managers and leaders look at the big picture to realize how to make those decisions.


The Session:

From tactical to strategic, the newly promoted manager must change the way they create and evaluate options for the business. It is no longer about “doing”, but about thinking through options, implementation strategies, and delivery.

By the end of this session you will have:
  • Learned how to maximize your decision making styles
  • Identified the steps needed for a more strategic approach in your day to day
  • Practiced how to make the business case

Contact Information:

Phone: + 732-547-9491

Email: [email protected]

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