Leveraging Your Work and Communication Style

“He’s driving me crazy with all his e-mails”. “She’s going to bite my head off!” “Don’t bother with all that research – he’ll never look at it anyway!” “I went in to ask a simple question – two hours later I still did not have an answer”. Move away from these frustrations to open dialogue and trust with your colleagues.

The Session:

Miscommunication within a team or an organization jeopardize productivity, morale and efficiency. This workshop is designed to help you address work and communication style differences, leading to more positive work relationships.

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Identified your style preferences using a proven communication style assessment (MBTI, DiSC, Social Styles or HBDI) – with a focus on how these preferences play out in the workplace, specifically: Communication Style, Information Gathering, Decision Making, Project Management
  • Learned how to address differences and establish a good starting point for successful work relationships
  • Practiced how to flex your style

Contact Information:

Phone: + 732-547-9491

Email: [email protected]

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