Get Results

What gets in the way of results? Are we too invested in our way of seeing things? Could we open up to greater opportunities if we looked at things with a new “lens”?

The Session:

What may seem impossible to one person can seem a “walk in the park” for the next person. What is the difference? What happens if they can’t see or acknowledge the strengths/weaknesses of their own and each others’ perspectives?

Innovation, creativity, resourcefulness and results thrive when we can detect an opportunity rather than an obstacle. Instead of “but” we can use “and!…”, instead of giving up we can ride the white waters of business and get to the finish line energized, instead of fighting and resenting circumstances, we can focus our efforts with our teammates and capitalize on different perspectives to “get results”.

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Identified your style and the type of perspective it embraces.
  • Learned how to use your and your co-workers’ style knowledge to capitalize on different perspectives and effectively manage disagreements.
  • Practiced how to come up with ingenious ideas by alternating among your style and others.

Contact Information:

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