Difficult Conversations

It’s that conversation that either will strengthen your working dynamic or break it. Perhaps it’s some bad news, perhaps it’s about a disappointing behavior; perhaps it’s discussing your difficulties with a situation. Whatever the topic, there is a way to share “crucial” information so that everyone emerges wiser, stronger and able to move forward.

The Session:

“You are not getting the promotion”; “I know I said you would get the account”; “The client does not want you on the team”.

We hide, we procrastinate, we couch it in so much fluff the other person has no idea what we are saying…difficult news, if mishandled, can leave a bad taste for everyone – not only about the news, but also about each other.

If handled well, on the other hand, this conversation pushes everyone to deal with each other in an honest, transparent and trusting way. It enhances how we work with each other and creates a positive perception and feeling. So, it’s worth getting it right.

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Identified when we are entering into the difficult, “crucial” conversation. How we tend to react in those situations.
  • Practiced how to move the conversation from a point of negative conflict to a point of positive dialogue.
  • Learn how to manage the conversation if it de-rails into conflict.

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