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Working with Others Series

How many times a day are you interacting with others to get your job done? To reach your goals? In a 24/7, global workplace, the skills needed to work with others are the skills needed to succeed. Whether leading a team or working with or through others, the skills you will gain in the Working with Others Workshop series, can help you make your work relationships everything they can be, create engagement and allow you to gain the best results.

    "TEAM --- Together Everyone Achieves More."

    True collaboration is not easy to achieve, but there are tactics we can use to help us get there.

    Conflict – There's more in it than the "bad"

    Conflict doesn't have to be all bad – it can re-energize a relationship and challenge us to breakthrough into new thinking paths.

    Managing Up & Across

    Managing Up is as important as managing your team. Positive relationships with your bosses and clients will help you and help your team build its success.

    Your Impact On The Team

    We can improve our impact on our team by understanding the type of team players we are – how we can leverage our strengths for the benefit of the team, and manage our idiosyncrasies so we don't drive the team crazy.


    Successful negotiators are assertive and look at everything – they know that everything is negotiable. This is negotiation consciousness.

    The Customer

    It is the little things that make a big impact which build a strong customer connection.

    When you don't have the title…

    When working on a project and you don't have the “authority” to a make things happen – it can get very dicey. Taking charge is easy on paper – a bit more challenging in reality.


    Whether is learning how to outmaneuver the competition; learning what clients really want or vying for that plum job, networking is a powerful tool that can help you reach your goals.

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