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From High Potential to Team Leader

Recently promoted, this Leader's goals focused around building his team's strengths, finding the confidence and "presence" to manage up, and learning how to have difficult performance conversations with key stakeholders. Through coaching, where we explored his strengths, facilitating practicing with the appropriate feedback tools, and helping him focus on consistently managing his relationships, this Leader has reached his goals and become a key player in his organization.

Achieving Results while Building the Team

Described as brilliant, resourceful, merciless and selfish, this seasoned leader's ability to move to the senior echelon was impeded by her own strengths. Driven, focused, determined to reach the organizations' results she did not see the damage she had created within her team. The coaching process helped her find and fully use her emotional intelligence, social awareness and rebuild her relationships with her team.

From Vision to Reality

Ideas, Ideas, Ideas. This Leader has a wealth of ideas, however, was challenged when managing her team. Rather than feeling coached, they felt micro-managed; rather than feeling inspired, they felt under-utilized. Building the Leader's self-awareness and her ability to manage her “big picture” approach when dealing with her team through coaching, role plays and skill building, she has moved from simply being a great creative individual contributor to a singularly creative Leader.

We are a Team

Coming together for the first time as a new team with significant challenges to conquer this team was looking to solidify how they worked together to bring positive results to the organization. Through a team workshop where they focused on partnering with key stakeholders, learning about their hot buttons and how to best leverage their talents within the team, they have used that learning and moved from working as individuals in silos to a highly collaborative and communicative team.

Sorting through Opportunities

Pulled in multiple directions and lacking a proper financial structure, this Entrepreneur needed another experienced and professional voice in the room. The business had a number of challenges, among them:

  • A lack of both long and short term plans
  • Excess production capacity with high fixed costs
  • Strategic Management approach

Working closely with key stakeholders, Alemán & Associates identified wholesale sales as an immediate priority to absorb the excess production capacity. In addition, we revamped the financial statements and provided in-depth pricing and cost analysis which pinpointed where the company's limited resources should be directed. This multi-pronged approach resulted in a 25% increase in sales and established a base for future growth.

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