Portfolio Services we offer

CFO Consulting

From re-structuring staff to negotiating a contract to securing a bank loan, your business needs superior Financial Leadership to take it to the next level. With decades of experience, Alemán & Associates can provide that Leadership.

  • Cash Flow Management
  • Cash is like oxygen, your business cannot survive without it. We can help you understand and project your cash ins and outs.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Stepping back and taking the forty thousand foot view is important for every company to do. As your CFO, we will work with you to ensure that your company is heading in the right direction.

  • Monthly Reporting & Financial Analysis
  • Too many businesses do not get a complete picture from their monthly or quarterly financials. We will bring best practices and customized analysis to your monthly numbers.

  • Banking Relationships & Debt Structure
  • From traditional borrowing to factoring your receivables, Alemán & Associates can work with your lender or find you a new one to help your business grow.

  • Budgets & Forecasts
  • A budget should not just be an exercise that you do once a year and put in a drawer. Your forecasts should be a continually updated document that reflects the changing economic environment and ensures that you are working towards your goals.

  • Sales Targets & Commission Structures
  • If cash is oxygen then sales are the life blood. We will work closely with your sales team to set aggressive but achievable sales targets. We have years of experience developing commission structures that motivate and reward your sales staff while ensuring the cost is reasonable.

Alemán & Associates CFO consulting is highly customized for each client's needs and we will always be there to answer your questions. We roll-up our sleeves and get to know your business.

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