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Business Plan Development

Taking an idea and turning it into a business means raising money, determining how much staff you need, figuring out a sales/marketing strategy, knowing the cost of insurance and a thousand other details. A professional business plan brings these things together in one place.

Whether you are a start-up, expanding your existing business or looking for outside funding, a business plan is the road map you need to get you there. A business plan should reflect your view of your business while grounded in the reality of hard facts.

Alemán & Associates™ business plans Include Executive Summaries, Narrative on Growth, Explanation Of Business Operations, Staffing Plans, Profit & Loss Statement, Cash-Flow Statement and a Balance Sheet. In addition, we will incorporate your market research into one all-inclusive plan. Based on decades of business experience, Alemán & Associates will also provide objective analysis of your plan and offer alternative solutions.

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