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What do successful leaders do?

They tap into their strengths and combine them with the skills that bring results to the organization, engage their teams and fire up their performance.

Jack Zenger, in his Harvard Business Review article “Making Yourself Indispensable”, shared his research based on studying the data from over a quarter of a million 360 degree feedback instruments on 30,000 leaders. What he found was that those individuals with no profound strengths (something at the 90th percentile) are roughly in the bottom third of all leaders in an organization. Add one strength, and they catapult to nearly the top third. Then if you add one more strength, they are now at the 72nd percentile, three strengths puts them at the 81st percentile, four strengths move them to the 89th percentile and 5 strengths puts them at the 91st percentile.

The bottom line?

It is the leader with a handful of strengths who is making the most important contributions to the organization. Those leaders who focus on leveraging their unique strengths and skills can make a huge difference in every objective measure of organizational performance. Whether is building partnerships, driving customer satisfaction, increasing employee engagement, productivity, innovation or net profitability, these leaders push the envelope for peak performance. These are the leaders who no organization wants to lose.

Our coaching, training and leadership development programs recognize these leader qualities and help each individual identify and leverage their unique strengths in order to reach the apex of their personal and professional vision while driving their organizations success. We will work closely with you to align and customize these programs to meet your organizations growing needs.

Strengths Assessment

Alemán & Associates is an accredited provider of Strengthscope™, a revolutionary assessment tool that enables individuals to measure their strengths and determine how effectively they are applying these strengths in their jobs and careers.

Strengthscope™ helps individuals understand:

  • Their standout strengths
  • The unintended consequences that may arise when strengths go into overdrive
  • The extent to which they are able to productively apply their strengths at work
  • How visible their strengths are to others

The Strengthscope™ feedback report provides a comprehensive account of the strengths, along with ideas as to how to put these strengths to better use at work.

Strengthscope™ 360 builds on this by incorporating co-worker and stakeholder feedback. A unique feature of this assessment is a multi-rater feature which enables up to 8 co-workers or external stakeholders to provide 360° feedback on the extent to which they see the individual using their strengths at work. It also asks how often they would like to see the individual using their strengths at work; more of the time, less of the time or the same amount.

Team Strengths Assessment

StrengthscopeTeam™ can be used as a powerful team assessment and development tool.

It contains all of the features of Strengthscope™ Standard and Strengthscope360™ as well as providing the team leader and team members with the following feedback:

  • Clear strengths of the team
  • Potential weaknesses or non-strengths
  • Actual team member strengths versus strengths the team believe are required in order for it to achieve its objectives
  • The extent to which key work environment factors (top leadership, workload, training and development, etc.) enable or block the productive use of strengths

This is a revolutionary tool that helps teams focus on best leveraging their strengths and set a path to peak performance.

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