When you don’t have the title…

When working on a project and you don’t have the “authority” to a make things happen – it can get very dicey. Taking charge is easy on paper – a bit more challenging in reality.

The Session:

Project leadership can be an especially challenging political endeavor; it’s about exercising influence over others to complete tasks and accomplish goals, with or without the formal authority to mandate action.

Learn how to apply your interpersonal and leadership skills and strike a balance between your sometimes conflicting role as individual contributor, functional manager, and project manager – all without the title – to make the work be great!

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Identified effective influencing strategies
  • Looked at how to build up your credibility
  • Understood how to manage skeptics and build support
  • Practice how to influence without authority

Contact Information:

Phone: + 732-547-9491

Email: [email protected]

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