Collaborate, Decide, Execute

True collaboration is not easy to achieve, but there are tactics we can use to help us get there.

The Session:

Perhaps you are kicking off a project or trying to maintain your team’s high performance. Everyone has high expectations and comes in excited for a meeting. Some agree with next steps, others do not and some just sit there – what has happened to all the energy and high expectations? Why aren’t things moving forward? What can you do?

Perhaps disagreeing is uncomfortable, maybe someone dominates the conversation or no one really voices their true opinions or makes a decision. What can the team do to create energy, accountability and ownership? What can you do?

A lot! Question is, are you ready?

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Learned the practical ways to manage the content, process and dynamics of a collaborative discussion.
  • Become able to spot flaws in group decision making and take action to prevent and manage them.
  • Identified how to overcome your personal ‘collaboration demons’.

Contact Information:

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Email: [email protected]

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