Developing Leaders

We can improve our impact as leaders by understanding how our leadership style affects others and how we can leverage it to engage our staff and use it to make better decisions.

The Session:

One person in your team thinks you are ruthless, another thinks you are indecisive, yet another thinks you are the best leader in the company. Your interactions with all have been the same – why the difference in perception then?

We all process information and what we see around us differently. If we understand the way someone else looks at things (and us), we can adapt the way we behave – our leadership style – to have greater impact.

This workshop is perfect for mid-level managers and leaders who want to improve upon their leadership style to lead a team with differing personalities and work styles.

By the end of this session you will have:
  • Understood the typical leader approaches and their impact.
  • Identified your primary leadership style.
  • Learned how to enhance and develop your leadership impact.
  • Created a Leader Development Plan.

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