Amp It Up

Your team has always been a good one – now it’s the time to make it great! Having been a manager for a while, you know how to deal with the “low points” of business life’s roller coaster. Let’s spend more time at the “high points.”

The Session:

Perhaps the team is too comfortable. Perhaps they’re challenged with a change. Perhaps they feel stuck and so do you.

Moving from a place of habit, or where we are simply content to where challenges are welcomed can be daunting. However, there is research on what managers can do to engage their teams and increase their effectiveness and impact. There are common patterns teams live through when they get stuck on the “low points” of the rollercoaster. Identifying those and motivating your team to crest the curve, means success to you and your team.

Our educators are experienced executive coaches with the knowledge you need to elevate the performance of your team and explore new heights!

At the end of this session you will have:
  • Identified in what part of the engagement curve your team is in
  • Learned how to target each team member’s engagement “switch”
  • Decided what practical things you can do at each point in the engagement curve to increase time spent at the high points while minimizing the negative effects of the low points.
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