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Are you looking to leave? What is driving this? How can you make the best decision for your future?

Reflection on Why?


  • Are your values and the org’s aligned? What is the impact of this? What do you need to prioritize?
  • What do you truly value about your job? 
  • What‘s missing from your wish list that you’d really love to have?
  • What are some of the factors that have kept you from leaving?


  • Do you feel you are making a difference?
  • What is within your control? What can you influence? Have you fully used your “power”? If not, what is holding you back?
  • Considering the impact you want to make, what is an acceptable compromise in the short term to make it happen? Long term?


  • Where do you want to set guard rails and reclaim your time, focus or energy?
  • Where have you comprised and negatively impacted your ability to be and live as the person you want to be?


  • Are you feeling seen and valued? What would need to change in the next 10 weeks, in the next 10 months to change this?
  • What opportunities have been afforded to you in order to grow?
  • Where are you putting your time and attention? And what are you getting in return?


  • What do you need to feel secure in your role?
  • How does this job help you address this need?
  • What would you be giving up by leaving?
  • What would you gain by leaving?
  • What would you need to feel “secure” as you make your decision to stay or go?

Reflection on “How”

While you stay…

  • How are you working so that your value is felt? How are maintaining those relevant relationships that inspire, challenge you and help you grow?
  • How have you articulated your concerns/dissatisfaction to those in the org that could help you address them? Thinking objectively, what would happen if you were to share your concerns?

While deciding…

  • What would you need to see in your next job/role to feel you are landing in the “right” place? What are the questions you need to ask of your possible new employers so you have the right information to make your decision?
  • What will you NOT compromise on? What are the boundaries you would need to set as soon as you start?

Reflection on “What Would Success Look Like”

Thinking About The Future…

  • Visualize, down to every possible detail, giving your resignation. How does that make you feel? Even if it is difficult, do you feel relief, freedom, dread, excitement? What do these feelings signal?
  • What would be “next” for you?
  • What would you need to do to “reset” in between roles?
  • What would give you a sense of living up to your values in the first 90 days of your role?
  • What are the top 2 habits you need to truncate or create to set yourself up for success?